International Law

What is International Law?

International law is a field of law that deals with relations between sovereign states and other international entities. This area of law establishes rules, norms and principles that govern the interactions between different international actors, such as States, international organizations, multinational companies and individuals.  International law is essential for peaceful coexistence among States and for promoting cooperation and stability on issues of global concern. It is based on a combination of principles, customs, treaties and international jurisprudence, and its fulfillment usually depends on the consensus and goodwill of the international actors involved. In addition, there are international organizations such as the United Nations and INTERPOL that play a significant role in promoting international law and resolving conflicts at the global level.

Performance of the Law Firm

This Law Firm works at an international level, in the defense of clients who are victims of cyber attacks from other countries, carries out international cooperation with partners established in other countries, for exchanging information. The founder of this Law Office is the creator and president of the Brazil Chapter of HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association),, in addition to having been director of Forensic Police at Interpol, in Lyon, France. Red Notice Removal The Office also works at an international level, in order to regularize the situation of persons irregularly registered in the database of wanted persons of the international polices, mainly INTERPOL. In fact, people who have their names registered on Interpol’s Red Notice broadcast will surely be arrested at any time, especially at ports and airports. Those who are registered in the Blue Notice, Green Notice, Yellow Notice, Orange Notice, Purple Notice and Special Notice broadcasts should not be arrested at immigration controls for this reason, but, in case of travel, they will surely be temporarily detained at immigration control points, especially ports and airports, for investigations, they will be subjected to lengthy interrogations by the police, they may miss flights, having to bear the resulting damages. Certainly, these are embarrassing situations to say the least. How to regularize the situation of these people at Interpol In fact, the registration of people in Interpol’s security broadcasts are requested by the Interpol National Central Bureau (NCB’s) of the member countries to the Directorate General of the Organization. These requests must be made in a motivated manner and be accompanied by sufficient evidence to demonstrate the criminal facts attributed to the persons to be registered. Deleting Interpol’s security notices from its databases, referring to a particular person, is possible in certain cases and can be done through the work of this Law Office, which is specializes in this area. For that, this Office will have to previously demonstrate the irregularity of the registration and/or promote the regularization of the person’s situation in the NCB of the member countries and in the General Secretariat of Interpol, in France. Legal action may be required in more than one Interpol member countries.

 Services offered by this Law Firm

For the purpose of regularizing the situation of clients at INTERPOL, this Law Office offers specialized legal services, seeking:

  • Remoção de Difusão Vermelha (Red Notice)
  • Red Notice Removal
  • Blue Notice Removal
  • Green Notice Removal
  • Yellow Notice Removal
  • Orange Notice Removal
  • Purple Notice Removal
  • Special Notice Removal

The work is carried out by lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience regarding the procedures necessary for the regularization of the situation of persons at Interpol. Some are retired federal criminal expert police officers with extensive national and international experience, working in the Brazilian Federal Police and INTERPOL (in France).

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